Italian Furniture Design – Stylish and Luxurious

Italian furniture pieces are known for their craftsmanship. These furniture items add a comfortable and classy ambiance to the space. Owing to their easy availability, innovative designs and unique styling, they are often chosen for interior design in modern and contemporary spaces. Old Renaissance and baroque Italian furniture fits perfectly well with Victorian and ethnic décor. You can choose from the range available on Italian designs to give your interior space a nice definite look.

A brief history of Italian furniture

Italy is a country which has a history steeped in art and culture. Furniture was seen as a piece of art rather than a functional home accessory. Major developments in furniture designs were made in the 13th century and architects themselves designed special furniture in accordance with the house design in ancient Italy. So, there was a lot of use of metal, mosaics and other building materials.

In the following centuries, leather and wood were extensively used in Italian furniture. The pieces were intricately carved. Comfort was a major priority and grandiose and elaborate carvings designated furniture. In the modern times, furniture from Italy has toned down and become more functional. In addition to grand sofa sets, you also get smaller furniture articles which are affordable and fit in beautifully with different house design patterns.

Characteristics of Italian furniture

Italian furniture is of three major types – Baroque style, Renaissance style and Rococo style. Each of these styles have their own special characteristics.

Baroque furniture is the predecessor of the designs style of Western Europe. Heavy moldings characterized this type of furniture and the carvings were inspired from the Roman Catholic Church. "C" shaped and "S" shaped carvings were typical. Human figures were also a characteristic feature in the carvings of the baroque style. Homogeneity of design, contrasting colors and symmetry throughout the furniture are major highlights of the Baroque style.

The Renaissance style is a reflection of the designs made on Roman sarcophagi. Seats were made from leather and walnut wood was used. Chests, drawers, folding chairs and cabinets were made in this style. The chairs rested on panels instead of conventional legs.

Rococo is an offshoot of baroque style but it uses dark colored woods such as fruitwood and rosewood. The carvings and details are more intricate and delicate. Ornamental units are smaller and in curved forms.

The Venetian style is the more modern style of Italian design and belongs to the 19th century when the country broke up into several states. Venetian style, as the name indicates, was developed in Venice. This kind of furniture is characterized by a combination of simplicity and ornamentation. Grand olive and walnut wood is made into simple legs and intricate uppers. After the furniture is built, it is usually painted black. Handles are painted in silver or pearl colors. Contemporary Italian furniture is slightly softer and warmer than the old designs. Leather, steel, nickel and satin find a place in these designs. Contemporary pieces are textured as well.

Italian furniture is among the most admired furniture in the world. When you buy a set, ensure its authenticity and buy only from licensed dealers. These pieces are expensive and you will definitely not want to spend more for less.