ITE Circuit Breaker

Are you looking for information about the old ITE circuit breaker? Continue reading to find out the background and basics of these breakers and how to find compatible replacements for out of date products.

The ITE Circuit Breaker Company was named for the innovative oil-dashpot inverse time element on its electro-mechanical circuit breaker trip devices, was founded in the 1890’s in Philadelphia, PA. In the 1960’s, a merger changed the name to the ITE Imperial Company.

ITE was an innovator in the electrical industry creating the first stored energy low and medium voltage circuit breakers. It also was the first to create 5kV air magnetic circuit breakers. ITE co was the manufacture of a complete line of low and medium voltage indoor and outdoor products in addition to high voltage circuit breakers and switches, ITE was known for technical innovation and engineering excellence.

ITE was purchased by Gould in 1976. At that time the products became known as ITE Gould circuit breakers. Siemens USA purchased the product line from Gould in 1983 and it has been Siemens ever since. Because of the prestige the ITE name carried, Siemens continued to use it on the line of breakers as ITE Siemens, until a few years ago. The old ITE fuse product line was retained by Gould at the Siemens transaction. Master Electricians recommend that you search online for ITE compatible circuit breakers if you are looking for replacements for your panel.

ITE pushmatic circuit breakers should be replaced since there have been problems found with them. It is recommended to replace them as soon as you can. The ITE pushmatic breakers and panels have made it difficult for some people to turn the main power on or off. When they trip they can be difficult to turn back to the on position making them dangerous and outdated.

Before attempting to work with any part of the ITE load center, you need to have training in working with electricity. A catastrophic failure in electrical systems is one which causes a dangerous product failure that can potentially expose the homeowner to a safety risk. Using products which exceed the minimum performance requirements established in the UL product safety standards should the goal.

Some compatible breakers are Siemens residential breakers. These are intended for protection of your home’s wiring from high temperatures caused by excess current higher than the rating for the wire. Westinghouse circuit breakers are designed specifically for use in metal enclosed low-voltage switchgear assemblies used at system voltages up to 600 VAC. They are configured to the customer’s original shop order specifications.

If you are concerned about the wiring of your home, you should have a licensed professional locate the problem. There are different types of wiring. Some of the very first electrical systems in houses and apartments were called Knob and Tube wire. It worked well at the time it was installed, pre 1920’s and into the 1930’s, but it is no longer considered to be safe. Many insurance companies will not insure a home that still is using Knob and Tube wiring. There are many safer types of wiring for your home that a licensed professional will be able to help with.

Keeping up on your homes electrical system is an important part of being a home owner. If you have an out of date ITE circuit breaker in your panel you do have options, find a replacement and get your panel back in order today.