It's Time to Fix That Hole in the Wall

A hole in your roof is a lot worse than one in the wall. When it comes time to fix a hole on the inside of your house, calm down, it's not all that bad or that hard to fix it if you have some tools and the time to see it through. Drywall repair can seem out of reach to the homeowner, especially if you have never done it before. Lets put together a quick check list of items you will need to get this done …

  • A piece of drywall a little larger than the hole itself, pay attention to the thickness
  • A drywall saw, a pointed type saw that you can push into the wall to cut
  • Scrap piece of thin wood or other material to screw into
  • Handful of course drywall screws
  • A putty knife 2 "- 4", metal or plastic
  • Drywall compound or 'Mud'
  • 100 grit sandpaper

Normally, repairing drywall is a multiple step process. Meaning that the first step is getting a replacement piece of drywall to fit over the hole size depending how large it may be. That was the first step … sounded like a lot of work …

The remaining steps are using drywall compound (mud) to putty knife over the screws that are sunk just below the surface and the seams of the repair piece. Use just enough mud to slightly fill the dimples because you will mud over them again after they dry … usually over night (maybe faster).

When you are sure the holes are filled you will need to sand the excess mud down flush with the wall. Slide your hand over your work … does it feel smooth / equal or does it have a bump to it? Get the surface to match the surrounding area and you are done except for the paint to match your wall.

This technique takes a few times to get the hang of it but, it is definitely do-able by the homeowner. Larger holes are approached in the same manner … you are just covering more area and you will have the framework in the wall to fasten the drywall to. I hope this was effective in such a way that you may want to attempt this kind of repair on your own one day. For a more detailed look at this repair, visit the website below.