Jack La Lanne Power Juicer – Most Affordable

If you have been looking for an affordable way to enjoy the health benefits and fresh flavors of freshly squeezed juice at home, you may be looking at the lower-end model of Jack’s juicer machines. “Jack” is, of course, the legendary fitness expert Jack LaLanne. For decades, he was known for inspiring generations of Americans to improve their health through eating a more nutritious diet and getting more exercise. While Jack may be gone, his legend lives in. He has an excellent line of juicer machines available, and they are generally priced between $99 and $149. If you are on a budget, as so many people are, you may be wondering if the least expensive model of Jack’s juicer is a good buy.

Everything You Need

When you are considering buying a quality juicing machine, you want to make sure that it has truly functional features. You likely plan to use your Jack’s juicer machine on a regular basis and possibly even on a daily basis. So you want the machine to be easy to use and to give you great results. This machine boasts safety features as well as dishwasher-safe materials, which are “musts” for most people. It also features an extra-large chute that means you don’t have to spend a lot of time cutting up your fruits and veggies into small pieces, and it offers a higher extraction than most other juicers on the market as well as a pulp collector. So you can see that it really does offer the features you need most.

Is It Worthwhile to Go Up on Price?

It’s often difficult to tell if the price is worthwhile unless you compare features of another model and price. The middle-of-the-line Jack’s juicer, the Deluxe, is priced at $119, so it is about $20 more than the most affordable model. The Deluxe offers just a few other features that are not found in the least expensive model. These include a blade of higher quality, a more advanced extraction system, and a non-drip spout. The $120 model also has a stainless steel   facade , compared to a white  facade  with the less expensive model.

Other Bonuses

Even the least expensive model of these juicers, like all of the models available, comes with some bonuses. You will enjoy a lifetime warranty on the motor, and a 60-day, money-back guarantee. If you are thinking that a more expensive model may be better suited for your needs, you should also know that all of the models are available with payment plan, too. This makes it easier to pay for the model you really want.

Owning a Jack’s juicer machine can really add some tremendous benefits to your life. The machines are designed to make it easier for you to enjoy a tall glass of fresh juice with your family, and with how easy they all are to use and clean, it’s simple to get that glass of juice every day if you want. Couple that with the health benefits of fresh juice and a great payment plan, and you will see that whether you choose the least expensive model, the most expensive model, or one of the models in between, this is a great machine to use at home.