Jackhammer Subwoofer – Price Vs Power

In today’s modern vehicles, the sound system has become the icon of high-tech gadgetry. The Digital Age has brought forth new and more powerful sound units to the driving community, along with satellite radio and flash card support. CD’s may become the thing of the past, and analog radio waves may be limited to news and weather, but the items that are changing into monsters are the speaker and amplification systems.

Speakers are the most important part of excellent car audio. Having the perfect setup of tweeters, mid-range, and subwoofer speakers can make the sound experience for the audiophile a work of wonder. Balancing the power input with the efficiency of the speaker system is vital for eliminating buzz and distortion, all while providing clear, crisp audio imaging at nominal volume settings.

The subwoofer system has been the focus of many audiophiles throughout the age of the car stereo. Large, bulky magnet-mount speaker systems give that all-important bass jab to music, and the bigger the better. The problem with such huge speakers is finding a suitable mounting system without giving up precious space or sound quality. The Jackhammer subwoofer may be the solution.

The Jackhammer lives up to its name in many ways, but the one way that it startles and delights the discerning audiophile is the driving and relentless sound that comes out of these enormous and high-tech speaker systems. Completely enclosed, these subwoofers maintain the high-quality audio imaging expected from higher priced systems. The materials are of the highest quality as well, providing shock absorption and a rattle-free environment for the bass drivers. Quality control during manufacture retains reliability of the materials used. Extreme electronics packaged within the enclosed unit make for trouble free connections. The mounting hardware, tools, and an excellent sound system are the only requirements for a happy system.

Mounting is easy with the universal kits, or with custom mount manufacturing. The installer has a variety of options available for mounting the speaker system wherever the most efficient is and where the sound quality is best. The Jackhammer subwoofer systems come in the right sizes for smaller areas, increasing the potential for a multi-speaker, multi-channel system.

Sizes of up to twenty-two inches are available for box setup, or for behind the rear seat. These massive and hard-driving subwoofers will blow your doors off if given the chance, as they can handle up to one thousand watts of pure power from any amplifier. Who in this world could sit directly in front of a subwoofer called a Jackhammer? Match the woofer system with mid-range speakers and tweeters in the auto doors, and the rich, crisp sound would be intense. Even at high volumes, the Jackhammer subwoofer delivers bright and undistorted sound to the ears, and to the world.