JCB 3CX and Other Backhoe Loaders

The JCB 3CX is a backhoe loader, which is a vehicle commonly used in the construction industry that consists of a tractor as the main body with a shovel fitted on to the front of it and a backhoe on the back. This type of vehicle was invented in 1953 by the process of fitting a backhoe and a loading bucket onto a farm tractor.

The biggest of the backhoe loaders from JCB are the JCB 3CX and the JCB 4CX. These models offer very high lifting abilities and good loader performance. The heavy-duty loader arms on these vehicles are resistant to twisting when digging is taking place, making for a stronger dig, and the high-reaching arms mean loading a high-sided vehicle is relatively easy.

The JCB 3CX and 4CX are for larger jobs and have the largest buckets of the backhoe loaders designed for moving a large amount in one go. There is also the option of adding an auxiliary hydraulic circuit which allows the user to switch between attachments such as a 6 in one shovel or a sweeper.

There are many manufacturers of backhoe loaders, including Hitachi Ltd, Fiat, Case Corporation, Caterpillar Inc, Hydrema, John Deere Tractors, JCB, Volvo Construction Equipment, Terex, Venieri, Komatsu Ltd and New Holland Ag, but probably the most widely-known and used is the JCB 3CX.


The JCB 3CX and other backhoe loaders are most commonly used for construction purposes and are a common sight on building sites around the world. Other common uses for the backhoe include landscaping, paving roads, small demolitions, transporting light building materials and digging and excavating.

Smaller versions

There are three very small backhoe loaders; the JCB Mini CX, the ICX and the Midi CX. The Mini CX is similar in weight to mini excavators yet it can travel around three times as fast which makes it very quick and convenient for use on a building site. The smallest version weighs only 3,370lbs.

The ICX can turn on its own axis and measures just 4 feet 6 inches wide and has a big range of attachments and a low center of gravity for safer operation. The Midi CX is both a loader and an excavator as well as an industrial tractor.

This is a brief guide to the backhoe loaders popular in the market today. If you are looking to hire a construction vehicle, a reputable dealer will be able to offer you further guidance in which vehicle will be most appropriate for your project.