Jet Skiing Is a Rush, But There’s a Down Side

Jet skiing is fantastic fun. It combines boating and skiing with one awesome toy. You can use a jet ski for all kinds of different activities.

The obvious use is to ski. That includes jumping, hardcore turns, racing and even diving. Opening up a jet ski on glassy turquoise water is a feeling that words can’t describe. You can also just go cruising with your sweetheart on a beautiful sunny day.

People have used theirs to fish with as well. You can troll a lure or drive to a great spot to bottom fish or go snorkeling. This is a very versatile toy that has a negative side.

“Middle-aged couple on vacation are killed in horror boating crash after their jet-ski hits 59-foot dolphin tour boat ‘dead center'”

“Lower Gwynedd couple dies in jet ski accident in Clearwater, Fla.”

“9-year-old boy killed in jet ski accident on Lake Norman”

I could fill this page with articles of accidents involving these powerful toys. Unlike a boat, a ski has no protection from collision. Just like boats, people operate them unsafely. A jet ski is very light for the speed they can attain. If hit by one, your chances of extreme injury are very high. Anyone can buy a ski and get out on the water but how many are learning the safety issues before going? This is almost like giving the keys to your car to your 11 year old or to someone who has never drove in their lives.

To the Coast Guard, a jet ski is considered a personal watercraft and is guided by laws similar to boat operators. There are laws specific to personal watercraft that one would be required to know should you break one of them and get into an accident or you’re pulled over by the USCG or the Harbor Patrol.

Before heading out into the public waterways it’s best to know the laws governing personal watercraft operation as well as having enough experience operating a ski that you are not a threat to others. A little practice is all you should need. Wear a quality life jacket, you’ll enjoy the comfort and the protection and it’s required.

Lastly, I believe it’s important to learn the Rules of the Road. These laws are about sharing the waterways with other vessels. The US Coast Guard consider your jet ski a vessel and you should too.

When learning this fun sport give it the respect it deserves and learn to be a safe and responsible operator.