Joan of Arc, Prophetic Liberator

France had fallen

Under foreign control

The British had invaded Orleans

On the fate of which

Hung the entire kingdom

Royal factions did intensify

Rumors about affairs did petrify

The Hundred Years War

For Aquitaine

Was fought with much pain

The rich land in the southwest

For which England lusteth

They did for some time rule

In the 12th century

Though this would not

Forever be

As for the French army

They had won no major victory

For a generation

Nevertheless their prayers were heard

By God above

Who shined upon Joan

With mercy and love

Visiting her with repeated visions

Hearing God’s voice

Speak to her ever so clearly

Joan surrendered to

The heavenly

And embraced the divine call


She obtained an interview

With the commander at Vancoulers

Tirelessly pushing through the doubters

It was then that she

Finally explained her mission

France’s regime was in desperation

Thus Joan was sent

Fervently she went

Dressed in soldier’s clothes

To Charles VII

Miraculously and prophetically

Joan revealed to him secrets

That were known

Only by Charles and God

Hence Charles gave Joan

A suit of white armor

Though with God’s hand

Fully upon her

She was already clothed

With honor and splendor

Joan like a Bible Seer

Instructed her attendants

Where to go to fetch her sword

Seeing by the Spirit

Speaking forth the word

She gave the location

With certainty and no hesitation

Behind the altar of St. Catherine’s Church

Although Joan had never been there before

Such divine inspiration

Opened the door

Releasing a spirit of faith

A force from on high

By which she courageously

Inspired her soldiers to battle

To bravely persevere

To recover her homeland

From English domination

To victoriously bring about

King Charles VII’s coronation

The English however were clever

And had nearly achieved their goal

Of a dual monarchy

Under their control

Nevertheless loyal to the French crown

Joan and company

Did valiantly

Proceed to fight the enemy

Though surrounded

Their love for their country abounded

Joan made the journey


Through Burgundian territory

As a man in disguise

Her relentless leadership

One cannot despise

Though but a 17 year old peasant girl

She had fire in her eyes

Uneducated but learned in heart

From such a vigorous passion

No soldier can depart

Thus she was given permission

To travel with the army

Wear the equipment of a knight

Though wounded

She did continue to fight

Motivating her troops

Day and night

Uplifting her standard

Above her sword

This woman

Was no coward

Demoralized and discredited

After years of humiliating defeat

One after another

France had found in Joan

A spiritual mother

To fortify its spirit

Arouse its will power

Before their hope in God

Departed and went sour

Joan aggressively arose

Beseeching the king of England

To settle his debt

To the king of Heaven

Return to His maiden

His French envoy

The keys to all the towns

He had taken and violated

For such hostility

Would no longer

Be tolerated

Joan also defied the French

Despite their cautious strategy

Joan went forth offensively

A skilled orator and tactician

A successful strategist

The lioness rode out

To capture the fortress

Of Saint Augustins

Marched through towns

Near Paris

Assaulting the English stronghold

The army becoming increasingly bold

Pulling an arrow from her shoulder

Though wounded

Joan returned ever bolder

Indefatigably leading the charge

Chasing the English out

Bringing about a triumphant route

Accepting more peaceful surrenders

Continually gaining more supporters

Ready to honorably make peace

Expressing the gentleness

Of the king of France

Yet cautiously examining every truce

Lest it merely be a trap and noose

Enduring accusations

About her character being loose

On what grounds?

The length of her hair

The clothes she did wear

Her faith in God

By which she did dare

To hear His voice and obey

Much more than

The slothful priests of her day

Others did say

She was a heretic

Some claimed a witch

Not so, it was they

Who were bewitched

By the devil himself

And his hellish envoys

Who employed

A political ploy

By which to overtake France

Overturn justice

Appear religious

Though they were slanderous

As for Joan

She feared Christ

Wholeheartedly gave Him

Her precious young life

Upheld her calling and testimony

Even while in prison

Where she was threatened greatly

Though martyrdom drew near

Joan held to her cause

And never did fear

Joan remained a pure virgin

Even unto execution

Though the British soldiers

Sought to molest her

Subject and rape her

This holy woman

Born of the Spirit

Who they called illiterate

Spoke eloquently

Truthfully and wisely

Baffling the scholarly

While remaining in God’s grace

Yet not uplifting her face

Not seeking self-exaltation

Nor desiring self-preservation

Preferring to fulfill

Her God-given mission

Telling whosoever would hear it

As for the ecclesiastical and political

They made assumptions and errs doctrinal

Proved themselves to be incorrigible

Disregarding the 10 Commandments


“Thou shalt not kill”

Preferring to major on the minors

With Pharisaical skill

Split theological hairs

Concern themselves

With the length of Joan’s hair

As for her divine mandate

They did not care

Such insincere and evil men

Were very unfair


Truth did eventually prevail

The executioner

Who burned Joan to the stake

Later stated

That he greatly feared

The damnation of hellfire

For burning a holy woman

Yet today

She burns on!

Her spirit

Is alive and well

Her mission she accomplished

Freeing France triumphant

Spiritually glorious

Giving hope to us

That God still speaks

To whosoever will

That He anoints sons and daughters

To hear and see

To arise and move prophetically

There is no male or female

In Christ our Lord

Performance over dress

By obedience to the call

We are blessed

Joan you successfully destroyed

Gender bias

Proving yourself pious

The pope himself

Later recanted

Overturning her excommunication

Declaring Joan of Arc a saint

A liberator

That did not faint

A revolutionary

Of the highest quality

A burning light

To every generation

Joan you received

Your vindication

Your fight against

Foreign occupation

Brought your beloved France


Today you remain to all

A source of inspiration.