Joan of Arc

Joan of  Arc  is one of the most famous names in all of history and a name that is recognized by virtually everyone however few people realize that this was not her real name. Jehanne d’Arc was her real name which somehow became Joan of  Arc  in English. The general lack of understanding about Joan’s name is just the beginning when it comes to inaccurate information about this famous individual. This is really unfortunate because the life of Joan of  Arc  is actually the best documented of anyone that is not from modern times and with a little effort the basic facts can be easily learned.

In an attempt to try to counteract the erroneous information that exists about Joan of  Arc  on the internet, I am posting articles like this that include the basic facts about Joan of  Arc  and her life. By doing so it is my hope that people will not only learn the basic facts but also be inspired to want to learn more detailed information about her. Joan of  Arc  is easily one of the most fascinating people in history and advanced study of her life can be a uniquely rewarding experience as I have personally learned.

Quick Facts About Joan of  Arc 

Jehanne d’Arc was her actual name. Joan of  Arc  is only the commonly used English title.

Joan of  Arc  was born about January 6, 1412. The exact date of Joan’s birth was not recorded but it has generally been accepted by scholars that she was born on the Epiphany which is January 6.

Joan’s greatest military victories were at Orleans and Patay. Patay is significant for the margin of victory by the French. The battle of Orleans is considered one of the great turning point battles in the history of war.

Joan of  Arc  was captured on May 21, 1430 and was a POW. She was captured by Burgundian troops loyal to the English and held prisoner by them until being transferred to the English in late 1430.

Joan was subjected to a trial by her enemies in the spring of 1431. The trial was conducted under the auspices of the Church however the English paid for and ensured the outcome.

She was burned at the stake on May 30, 1431. After being declared a relapsed heretic she was taken to the old square of Rouen where she was executed. She was only nineteen years old when she died.

Her original trial was overturned on July 7, 1456. This is referred to as the trial of Nullification or Rehabilitation and it completely exonerated her and declared her to be a martyr.

Joan of  Arc  was declared a Saint by the Catholic Church on May 16, 1920. The same Church that had once burned her declared her one of their official Saints.