Jobs That Allow You To Live Onsite

If you are on your own, recently relocated to a new town or you just have unique circumstances, you may find a job that provides living accommodations works well for you. Those with children and families may never consider living with an employer, but there are even opportunities for those who come as a package deal to arrange their living quarters while making their employment plans. For instance, anyone who manages an apartment or condominium complex may be offered the benefit of a home as part of their benefits package. Property management is an important job that requires a lot of hard work, but those working in this business may find their living situation less stressful if a home is included with their job. This field is not the only one that provides living arrangements.

Another opportunity that often provides living arrangements along with employment is working as a nanny. This is often the ideal situation for someone who decides to relocate to another country. In the United States, there are programs that match nannies from other countries with families who need care. This is a great way to expose children to the culture of a different country and it provides living arrangements for the nanny who is unfamiliar surroundings. The same is true for U.S. citizens who travel to different countries. The contracts with families are often short-term, so if you do not plan to settle in the country for more than a year or two, you can work out your living and employment arrangement on a temporary basis.

Just as caring for children provides you with a chance to work and live in the same place, so does caring for the elderly. Senior citizens often live along and while they want the independence and solitude of not sharing space with family, they may be safer if a caregiver is just a shout away. Living with a caregiver is a less intrusive experience than sharing space with a relative or friend because a professional relationship is still maintained.

Sometimes the best way to arrange living arrangements and employment is to offer care for an entire family. While a nanny will focus only on the care of the children and may only be a part-time job, housekeeping requires you to care for the needs of the home and the entire family. More often than not, full-time housekeepers live on the premises because caring for the family is a round-the-clock job. This is a big commitment, but it may work for you, especially if you are looking for a home and a job.

A final option for arranging living and working arrangements, and probably the most popular when it becomes to combining the two, is joining the military. Military members are often required to live on base, which could be just about anywhere in the world. There is living space provided for family members as well, in many cases. Being a part of the military is hard work, but living on base provides the support of your peers and offers you a chance to focus on your work and not worry about housing.