Juliette Balconies – 5 ‘Must Knows’

A Juliet balcony (named after the balcony from which Shakespeare’s Juliet who famously courted Romeo from her balcony) is a type of false balcony fast becoming popular for adding increased light and ventilation to any room. This type of balcony first became popular on the continent and has now caught on elsewhere for their combination of practicality and style.

Juliette Balconies are used to stop people and animals from having accidents but is big enough to allow a small amount of room to step out into. The Balcony fixes onto the external masonry and is used in conjunction with a double or French door to prevent falling, offering a safe and secure balustrade system.

1. Standard width balconies are available in 1264mm, 1578mm, 1876mm, 2182mm and 2488mm wide. Bespoke designs are usually possible if necessary.

2. Juliet balconies can be constructed in iron, stainless steel or glass to compliment your home.

3. Stainless steel balconies are limited in the designs that are available, due to the extremely expensive machining required to form intricate shapes. There is little room for design flare when using stainless steel balcony designs.

Aluminum railings allow for much more flexibility in what designs are possible, making unique, eye catching designs a possibility.

4. To prevent rusting and corrosion, some ranges of Juliette Balconies are powder coated in a finish chosen by the customer.

5. Make sure your manufacturer constructs your balcony to meet all appropriate Building Regulations and other applicable requirements including planning permission – it will be the property owners duty to check these.