Kahrs Natural Hardwood Flooring

High-gloss hard wood floors aren’t for everyone. Some homeowners just want to “keep it real,” with a simple, natural-looking hard wood floor for their home. They favor simplicity rather than sheen. They want a floor with a natural, timeless beauty that needs no enhancement. Does that sound like you?

Meet Kahrs Flooring, one of the oldest hardwood flooring companies in the world. Launched in Europe in 1857, they invented engineered hardwood flooring! Kahrs’ extensive collection of over 100 domestic and exotic hardwoods gives potential customers and homeowners limitless options when it comes to choosing a hardwood floor.

If you are looking into exotics, be sure to check out Kahrs World Natural collection. Brazilian Cherry Quito is simply stunning with its golden tones. If you want a darker cherry, you have two more options with Brazilian Cherry Caracas and Brazilian Cherry La Paz.

Those who love soft, light-colored woods will love Red Oak Denver in the American Naturals collection. Also in the American Naturals collection, the even lighter, almost white Maple Winnipeg.

The great thing about both World Naturals and American Naturals’ collections, aside from the beautiful woods selected, is the choices available for both size and patterns. You can opt for the standard 5″ wide planks or go for the ultra wide 7-7 7/8″ planks. You can purchase a one-strip pattern or three strip, square edges or beveling – all adding a unique twist to a classically beautiful hardwood floor.

Be sure to check out Kahrs’ molding options for their hard wood floors. The transition between a hardwood floor and carpet should be as smooth as the hardwood floor’s finish. With professional hardwood floor installation, you can be sure that the transition will be seamless, and precise, just like Kahrs.