Kaizen Methodology

All the manufacturing companies and industries have to deal with waste on a regular basis. Waste can include the idle time of employees or the equipment, defects, shipment issues, actual wasted product and so on. It has been revealed by research that most of the manufacturing companies waste about 70% of the resources. On the other hand, it has also been revealed that a company which has implemented Lean Manufacturing has been able to cut the percentage of wastage by half.

Kaizen Methodology has to do with change as it is a principle of continuous change that is meant for the environment. Kaizen methodology requires involvement from employees of the organization as well as from the management. It requires willingness from the staff to adopt the change and do things differently.

When all the employees of an organization are involved, it leads to a better work environment. However, methods need to be set up so that ideas and suggestion can be acquired, analyzed and finally implemented. The process needs to be standardized and guidelines need to be followed. It is essential to think about a number of methods of operation rather than limiting yourself to only one method of operation. This will help you find a better process which can lead to change in the standard of the operation and the environment of work overall.

A short and to the point housekeeping policy needs to be adopted. Being organized helps reduce the amount of time needed to find materials. A clean area needs to be maintained all the time as it is not only efficient, but safe as well.

There are 3 principles that need to be implemented so that the Kaizen methodology works properly.

1. Consider all processes with their results

2. Analytical thinking of all the process instead of the immediate problems only.

3. Approach Kaizen with a reasonable and learning method so that assumptions which were part of the current processes can be re-examined.