Kate Spade Diaper Bag – A Mother’s Best Friend

When it comes to style and functionality, Kate Spade diaper bag is one of the impressive bags. Kate Spade made quite an impression among stylish mothers with the belief that your sense of style doesn’t need to go away just for the kids. No wonder her fashionable nappy bags stands out from the various line-ups of different brands. Are you still using that traditional looking nappy bags? If so, here are some models of Kate Spade diaper bag you should be looking at.

Large Rainbow Serena Baby Bag

A practical choice for mommies, this tote is just like a pretty bag with the purpose of holding baby items. On the outside, it may look like your average bag, but inside this bag are different zippered pockets and compartments that can help you organize your stuff. The rainbow-striped nylon on the exterior features a wipe clean surface that is stain proof. While the shoulder strap may not be as funky as the bag, it is a strong strap that can help you carry your things.

Kate Spade Henry Diaper Bag

This Henry baby bag is striped with bold green, white, and khaki. Made of leather, this Kate Spade diaper bag is a great option for mommies who want more pockets and compartments for storing things. It comprises of 2 outside pockets, 2 interior side pouches, and one zippered pocket. You will really have an easy time packing your things when you’re on a rush. Aside from that, it comes with a sizable changing pad that is common in this line of brand. From the inside, it is edged with polka dot nylon material that can easily be wiped off. It even has an adjustable strap if you prefer to hang it on to the stroller.

Kate Spade Audrey Bag

The playful and functional Audrey Bag is made of water-proof material so you don’t need to worry about leaks, spits, and spills. The design comes with a black shade for versatility with cream polka-dots which makes it full of life. But, it is not called a nappy bag if it doesn’t have child-friendly features. The bag is complete with a set of changing pad and roomy pockets. There are several discreet side pockets that can carry more than one feeding bottle as well as some inside pockets for personal items.

Barrow Street Anabel Baby Tote

This Kate Spade diaper bag is highlighted by a cutesy bow in the middle. While nylon isn’t really the most stylish material, it comes in handy especially if you have clumsy kids around. The material is lightweight and easy to clean. The inside features zippered pockets and elasticized pouches that can help mommies organize baby’s stuff. As with the other diaper bags, it is equipped with a changing pad for each time you need to change your baby’s nappy.

Choosing a Kate Spade diaper bag from Kate Spade’s wide array of selection can be quite a challenge. But, now that you know what options you have, you are ready to decide which one is best for you.