Kawasaki Cordless Drills Review – Worth the Money Or Not?

Kawasaki Cordless Drills tend to fly under the radar. Obviously they aren’t known for their power tools prowess-this is more of a recreational vehicle company-and many aren’t even aware they make drills at all.

They make a 19v model, and this is their main model. Its’ cheap-it sells for just $60-so do you get what you pay for?


It goes up to 1100 RPMs, which is a pretty respectable number considering the cheap price. And it’s actually quite powerful despite its’ low price tag.

Chuck size

It can only hold smaller bits-the chuck is just 3/8 inches.


This one uses NiCad batteries… and they are known for giving out very quickly when used in excess. If you are just a “handyman” who uses it around the house every now and then, Kawasaki Cordless Drills will do the trick. But if you plan on doing BIG projects, avoid this one.

Who’s it made by?

It is NOT made by Kawasaki–and you won’t find anything about it on their website. It’s actually made by AllTrade-and this company is known for their lousy customer service.

If you buy it, you’d better hope you never have to replace anything-it might never get done.

The bottom line:

Most of the complaints around this drill are from those who’ve attempted to use it a lot for bigger projects like putting in a hardwood floor, installing a deck, etc.

It’s NOT built for BIG projects

If you are a heavy duty industrial worker–this is NOT your machine. But if you are planning on using it for smaller things-such as driving screws into more forgiving kinds of wood–then Kawasaki Cordless Drills will get the job done.