Keep Cognizant of How Your Senses Foretell Your Destiny

As you pay more attention to your five senses, you receive guidance based on utilizing your sense of perception with intensity. Your daily senses are whispering and guiding you, as you listen and humble yourself, you’ll realize your destined job, life goal or dreams more quickly, the sooner you pay attention to the intricacies that can be found in any one, or all of your five senses. Faith is the fabric of our being; we all believe in something, or someone outside of ourselves. It is this very inner voice that leads and guides us to reaching our destiny. You can hear what you are called to do by using your five senses, listening and engaging your five senses with intensity, gain clarity in the process of hearing your thoughts enhance and guide your life.

Listen to the internal messages that you receive everyday. Some of these messages may surprise you, they are understanding and compassionate to you, as nobody else is required to be that state of existence for you, the position of self-love and innate compassion is not a fashion statement, IT’S A COMPASSION STATEMENT.

So many people don’t lack passion for what they want to accomplish, they may be lacking compassion and the ability to tune into their own five senses, in the way that God intended for them to be utilized*** more for guidance and discernment than for gluttony or entertainment. Life is as a multicolored assortment of pencils with points and colorful experiences to design and create, tuning into your senses of sight, audible skills, sense of smell, well, you get the picture now.

Utilizing more of your five senses can bring you the enlightenment that you seek and can also bring you more mindful, regard for the present moment, peace with powerfully enhanced skills that have the ability to magnify your current attributes or new skills. These skills should be utilized by you as you strive to make the world a better place for you and I. One kind loving act at-a-time and by highlighting the help that you receive from your five senses can really improve and empower your world. Have presence of mind and enjoy the ride that your cognizant attitude can provide you!

Keep cognizance as your presence- gift yourself with your presence daily- with everyday comes a new sunrise- new presence/ in the form of many gifts;* receive each new beginning with appreciation and in eager anticipation- begin by paying attention to your 5 senses. Please your senses with daily inspiration. Listen to sounds of illumination; sounds abound all-around- in melodies, harmonies or songs. Imbibe in the beauty of everything.gravitate to another sense- embrace soothing aromas. The sweet smell of gardenias, roses or cactus flowers as you open your kitchen window. View the greenery that can be seen from your balcony or front door.or begin your morning with freshly-brewed aromatic coffee. Listen to the rolling beat of soft-soothing boiling,bubbling hot water, in your tea kettle, anxiously ready to infuse your favorite scented English, herbal or specialty tea. Watch the process of dripping droplets of vibrant color that began as clear water.. Feel compassion and self-understanding at the forefront of your thoughts. With the break of misty dawn- morning, – and the death of the day before,bringing enlightenment, arising new ideas- aspire to begin the new day with creativity. Decide to live life amorously! Thank you, in advance, for your readership and your desire to seek more cognizance today! *** make everyday better than yesterday simply by your decision to be happy before the day begins… Speak from your heart is my suggestion to you. You and i should apply our own respective word connections and inner inspiration that brings about much joy for everyone to reap and share respectively! In all ways keep cognizant of how your senses can foretell your destiny.

*Enjoy your day!

I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!