Keep the Glow of Your Brass Railings

Anything that shines like gold almost always attracts people. Admit it or not, that golden glow is just so irresistible.

The same reaction is shown by people to the brass railings. Having that same gold like color makes brass an attraction. Whether it’s installed on stairs at home or in commercial buildings such as hotels together with the stair railings or in the bathrooms as hand grab rails, brass evokes an elegant and high end feel to any interior space.

But you have to know that brass railings need regular maintenance to keep their glow. As they’re prone to corrosion and staining, regular polishing is very important. There are techniques to follow, though, to ensure that your brass retains its shine for a long time.

Brass railings installed at bars as foot rails are exposed to the shoes of people and therefore prone to scratches especially if they don’t have that protective coating. Those used as hand rails whether at home or at commercial buildings are not exempted from scratches either especially from the rings of people that come in contact with the brass material.

For your home bar or stairs that use brass railings, it’s best that you learn the ways to properly clean and polish the material. The secret actually is buffering.


The first step to a shiny brass railing is to clean it. Use a soft clean cloth and wipe it on your tubing to remove dust and dirt.

The solution

Next is to apply a solution to your tubing. Depending on your choice, you can purchase the readily available metal polish or brass cleaner. You can buy these from hardware stores and drugstores. Or you can create your own solution using ingredients available at home.

Prepare one-half cup of all purpose flour, one-half cup table salt and one-half cup powdered laundry detergent. Mix these three and then add three-fourth cup white vinegar, one-third cup lemon juice and one-half cup very warm water. Continue stirring until all ingredients are mixed well.

Applying the solution

Now take a small amount of your mixture using a soft and clean cloth and then apply on the brass railing. Be gentle when rubbing and make sure you do a circular motion. Don’t use too much pressure.

Afterward, rinse with cool water and let it dry. Once dry, buff the brass railing using a soft cotton cloth until you achieve your desired shine.


For coating purposes, the olive oil is ideal if you have been using the home remedies when polishing your brass rails. But if you’re using the commercially available polishes, you may not need to apply additional coating as the solution itself already contains protective oils that coat your brass as you clean it.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. If it is not lacquered, it becomes more prone to oxidizing and tarnishing.

But did you know that it contains anti bacterial properties that help kill germs in places where the brass material is installed? In fact, brass has been used in making surgical instruments and other medical equipment.