Keep Your Goatskin Rug Looking Beautiful Longer

Animal skin rugs are gaining significance in the world of interior design. These rugs are becoming more popular and in demand. Once you see how they decorate a room, you will understand why. A great many goatskin throw rugs originate in Peru, while the exotic and longer-haired rug versions usually come from Mongolia and China.

Goatskin rugs remaining in their natural colouring are highly sought after as accent rugs because they are so easy to coordinate with other furnishings. Of course, if you have need of other colours, sizes, and shapes besides what flow naturally, goatskin rugs can be custom-designed and created especially for you and your home interior.

1. Goatskin rugs are very durable and long-lasting. For goatskin rugs with long, silky, luxurious hair, running a good wire brush through them will keep the pile looking and feeling splendid. A good maintenance routine of regular brushing will refresh the rug’s sheen and glimmer. Always brush in the direction that the hair runs; never go against the hair or backwards.

2. Gliding gently over the surface of the goatskin rug with a cloth and “white spirit” will also help keep the rug appearing in all its lavishness. It only requires simple care, really, to keep your goatskin rug looking its best for a very long time.

3. For small and minor spills, act quickly and try to blot up any excess moisture with a clean white wash cloth, a few paper towels, or a sponge. Rinse the cloth or sponge out several times, not wanting to bring any part of the spill that was removed back onto the rug again. If you are using paper towels, throw the used ones away and get new ones to continue blotting.

Never use a rubbing motion, as that tends to grind the stain into the rug. Gently blot at the area, with a small amount of water/moisture. You do not want to soak an area of your rug with excess water/moisture. You can add a little mild soap and gently try to work a stain or spill out. You should always work from the outer edges into the middle of the area to prevent any possible spreading.

4. If a deep or stubborn stain appears on your rug, you may want to consult a professional cleaning company and not take any chances on having a spill or stain permanently damage your goatskin rug.

A natural skin rug will add appeal to any room, along with a feeling of luxury and warmth. Wide assortments of patchwork goatskin rugs that resemble quilts are also available. The mix and match possibilities are endless giving you unparalleled ability to use many themes when decorating your home with goatskin rugs.

You can also hang hide rugs on your walls. When you do so, they can become a work of art. For large, bare walls that could use something unique to fill their space, consider an Animal skin rug. It is the latest in fashion design trends!