Keeping Goats and Housing Your Goats

Thinking of keeping goats? Goat raising presents its own set of intricacies from the care of other livestock like sheep. However, the difficulties you will encounter can be mitigated by the proper facilities.

The goat’s ruminant nature is actually the most challenging facet of keeping goats. The animal will not be tied down to one spot. Blocked off from the outdoors, it will continually challenge its pen by finding means of escape either through jumping or craftily unlocking enclosures. Hence, the fence is of the utmost importance. Smooth wire, grounded with 1 joule of electricity per 9,656 meters or roughly 6 miles, will provide a good barrier to condition the goats from their proclivities of escaping and also to keep predators out.

After establishing the perimeter of the land where you plan on keeping goats, housing is next. Unlike sheep which needs to be guided into the barn during unfavorable weather conditions like rain or extreme heat; goats will look for shelter on their own. Because of their hardiness, goats do not demand costly facilities. Trees and the occasional shed can provide shade during the summer and the occasional drizzle. Sturdier habitations will be required during winter and during birthing and kidding.

Feed distribution systems and feed storage are also necessary when keeping goats. Merely spreading grains on the ground is highly inefficient and will accrue higher costs in the long run. Receptacles that can be hung on the fences are preferred. Hay can actually be directly fed to the goats but it will require allocating some space when doing so. Water can be dispensed in troughs small enough that they can easily be cleaned. Automated water systems are also good investments in making sure that your animals are always hydrated. Having bulk storage for feeds will save you in the long run as it is generally cheaper to buy them wholesale. Just make sure that the feed can easily be accessed during feeding time but make sure that it in a place where goats and pests will not be able to get to them. Hay should be stored in an external location because dry bales of it can cause fire. However, keeping it in a humid spot is also not ideal as it can ruin your cache.

Areas where you can perform miscellaneous tasks in ministering to your goats’ other needs are also essential. Holding equipment can either be made or store bought. These can be used in order to keeping the goats in one place while you weigh them, maintain their hooves, or to separate them from the flock for easy transport.

Investing in these facilities and tools will return your capital through benefits in the long term when keeping goats and will make your day to day goat tending activities more stress-free.