Keeping Your Comfort Room Clean and Fragrant

The toilet seat is one of the most frequented seats at home. It is also the haven of millions of good and bad bacteria that can easily come in contact to our skin. With this in mind, we must keep it clean and free from bad odor. You need the right character in constantly keeping the room in good condition.

The following are some tips for a comfort room that rocks:

1. Cleaning the comfort room should be done everyday. Ideal cleaning time is early in the morning before anybody takes a shower.

2. You can keep it fragrant by putting an air freshener. Good house plants can do the trick for you if you don’t want to have commercial air fresheners. Put two or three house plants by the window and make sure you water them a little every afternoon.

3. Have a rack or case for your cleaning materials. Toilet cleaner liquids, toilet brush and soaps must have their own container. Put it beside the toilet bowl.

4. Your shampoos, bath soap, toothpaste and toothbrush, shaving cream and stuff must be located by the mirror. You can put them in a container too.

5. Have a pail and dipper by the faucet. Using a pail and dipper to store water for your bath helps in conserving your water. Letting the shower pour water carelessly while you take your bath consume more amount of water.

6. Put a plastic mat by the inside door of the comfort room and a dry rug by the outside. The mats will drain your wet slippers so that you won’t be walking around wetting the floor.

7. Have a container for your dry laundry. Have a hanging line for your wet laundry. When the clothes are dry already, you can put them along with the dry ones.