Kettlebell Performance Lifts – 2 Lifts to Execute With Kettlebells to Increase Your Vertical Jump!

This is not the type of workout to put forth any half effort! If you really want the increase in performance by increasing your athletic explosive ability to improve your vertical jump then this is just for you! The kettleblell is a great tool for applying great total-body tension which is the key ingredient for building strength and power. Different parts of the body can be more emphasized than other parts, but the bell is the master of generating that total-body strength and conditioning.

1. The Overhead Snatch: If you are not familiar with this particular lift then you need to do your homework! This particular lift is the kettlebell version of the Olympic snatch lift. For the purpose of this article I am referring to executing a single arm overhead snatch. This lift is explosive and promotes serious shoulder stability, core strength, hip strength, and overall explosive vertical mobility! This lift trains your body in a highly effective manner by stimulating the nervous system causing your body to develop that athletic explosiveness that is necessary for increasing your vertical jump. You can perform this lift by doing intense weight working more on training your power, or by testing your endurance and doing a high volume of repetitions.

2. The Jerk: Just like the traditional barbell Olympic lift the same lift can be executed with the kettlebells. This is a slightly different variation because you are dealing with having to stabilize a kettlebell in each arm. Each side has to be more independently stabilized to optimally execute the lift. As you clean the bells to your chest from the floor you have to then explosively utilize the hips to drive forward getting the bells vertical and locked out above your head. This is another great lift to improve you vertical jumping ability.