Keystroke Spying Software – 3 Good Tips and Where to Get a Free One

Keystroke Spying software is not a new invention by any stretch, but recently it have become incredibly in high demand due to the advent of the whole social networking phenomenon. It’s not just the geeks that are meeting and chatting online anymore. Social interaction online is now mainstream and gaining ever more popularity but with the droves come the 5% bad apples too, the pedophiles and the predators. Here are 3 good tips on how to use your keystroke spying software and where to get one for free.

Tip 1: Never ever allow your children to learn you have it silently running in the background. The software has a simple toggle switch by route of the keyboard short cut that lets you run it in stealth, the only possible way your kids can find out you are monitoring them is if you forget to toggle into stealth or you tell them. By not telling them you can act against any predator when you see a problem by submitting their username and the chat room to one of the many volunteer security communities that will engage the username to collect evidence on your behalf and have the evil doer banned and they may even contact law enforcement. By not telling your kids about your monitoring you not only protect them from any distress or fear it might cause, but you can safely and with little effort eject, identify and remove any unsavory characters from the internet. All the while keeping a watchful eye on your kids.

Tip 2: Never engage the perpetrator yourself. Basically it is just dangerous. You don’t know who or what they are, simplest and most expedient option is to submit the logs you collected which shows the conversation and let the protection agency engage their isp and follow them around. All your job is, is to protect your own children and report.

Tip 3: Enjoy the special insight you will get about your child. This is a special experience to see them acting without knowing you are watching them. Until they are of age when you can confidently trust them to make their own wise decisions online, you may be happily monitoring them for the next 5 years. Enjoy the special insights you get from seeing their personality from a subjective and birds eye perspective.