Keyword Selection – The Foundation of Your Website

The first step in establishing a presence on the web is to make a keyword list. You want to get all the best keywords on the first page without problems.

To configure the most effective keyword list possible for your website you will need to be careful and exhaustive about what you wish to offer and what you will not offer. Whether you sell products / services or provide information you must have a complete inventory of all of it.

Once you have an inventory of everything in your website you will use this list to brainstorm a list of "possible" keywords and keyword phrases.

If your website will be used for a national concern such that location is not important then location should not be part of your keywords. If, however your offers are for one city or region then that city or region will be part of your "possible" keywords.

The types of products / services / information you offer should be broken down into categories – and each word word modifier of those categories should be a "possible" keyword. If you sell fast-food you should list every item on your menu, every characteristic that you want each item to be known for (hot, cold, icy, jumbo, special sauce, etc.), how it will be served (quickly, Proudly, not before its time) Whether your staff is knowledgeable (experts, degrees, award-winners), what side dishes or condiments are available, do you have carry-out or delivery, lighted and convenient parking, accept returns, special packaging, Etc.

Once the "possible keyword" list is completed it should be fed one word at a time through the keyword tools at Google, Yahoo, etc. Every time you plug in a keyword you will get the number of searches conducted for that term over a given period of time. The keyword tools will also suggest keywords from the tool's database that are similar to the "possible keyword" you entered.

Now you should go through the keyword tool's returned list and copy any and all similar terms along with the search value of each. Once you have completed all the lists of returns for each "possible keyword" you must go through the list one term at a time. Delete any keywords that do not have to do with your website. You want to identify as many keywords as possible.

Now you have a long keyword list. This list must now be narrowed down. You should narrow the list by weighing the potential gain for each keyword relative to competing websites. You can use these 3
Criteria to choose the keywords you will keep.

1) The number of searches per each particular keyword (you have these from the keyword tools)

2) The amount of competition for each keyword (search on the big three search engines to find your competition for each keyword).

3) Will a keyword lead to conversions (this is your decision)

With good keyword selection, you have laid the foundation for success in your webpage. This success means more traffic, better SEO, higher rank, more popularity, and satisfied visitors.