Keywords Research Tool

Trying to compete in the arena of internet marketing without a good keyword research tool (not to mention a free keyword tool) is like going to slay the dragon with your everyday kitchen steak knife. Your tool is too small and you are about to get yourself hurt. Big time. Think about it like this….the army with the most guns will usually win the war. With a free keyword tool you have a single gun, and a small one at that. But what a solid paid keywords research tool will give you is an arsenal of firepower that can be wielded so many ways that most campaigns become virtually indefensible by the competition. It’s the difference between guns and bows and arrows. There is just no way to win if you are using inferior weapons.

A good keywords research tool will provide you intelligence on the competition that the free tools will never deliver. How much content has your competitor published? Where is the strongest competition on the internet for your campaign? What exactly has your competitor published and how are going to beat them? Try answering all those questions with the free tool Google provides you. You will not stand a chance and neither will your campaigns. You should have tool that gives you all this information with the click of a single button in half the amount of time it would take to track it down manually, even if you already know how to do that which is doubtful. I don’t know about you, but I need as much time as I can get. I heard they weren’t making any more of it.

Owning a good keywords research tool is being serious about internet marketing. If you are just playing and dipping your toe in the water to check the temperature, OK. But you will never make any money that way, at least no more than a dinner and movie might cost you. But if you are looking to make a living, you will never compete with the marketers who are already experiencing success in their niches. They have already learned their lesson. Free ain’t really free. There is a price to pay for being cheap and skimping on your keyword research. That price is losing profitable spots on the front page of Google by the people who own a $100 tool and are beating your pants offs at will. Information is king and his sword is a good keywords research tool.

Keywords research tools come in many forms and you can pull your hair out trying to figure out which one is for you. At some point in your search you will have to trust someone and decide to buy one. Until you do, you are no more tan a hobbyist. However, I doubt that is why you are reading this article and if you are still reading at this point, maybe you already know it is time to get serious or get to finding you a new hobby.