Kichler Outdoor Garden Collections, Outdoor Lighting Options

In my endeavors to research and provide really interesting considerations for homeowners on outdoor lighting, a name continued to pop up. That of Kichler. Kichler is a very well respected lighting provider that has taken outdoor lighting to another level. With the invention of the Garden Collections, now people with a strong interest in making their outdoor space a carefully decorated work of art, here are some tools to help along the way.

One challenge to decorating exteriors has always been the task of finding lights that matched one another. Thus providing a very strong tread which tied the outside space together. Kichler has masterfully solved this problem by providing 8 different Collections. Now even the most particular is bound to fine a design that matches their exterior motif and has more than one type of light to choose from.

Many of the Kichler Collection are low voltage lights. Additionally two of the Collections- the Almeria and the Oak Trail- have outdoor chandeliers included in the collections.

Personally my favorite is the Almeria Collection. With strong root in the old Spanish Architecture, it is really a lovely option.

Also the Cotswold Collection has a country manor flair that steps you back in history. For a more modern look the Zen Garden low voltage series is appropriate. Lodges should research the Oak Trail.  And for an English garden Ainsley Square Collection would be a great fit.

So whatever your choice, take a look at the Kichler ideas, even if just to gain some ideas of your own.

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