Kitchen Design Basics – Cup Hinges

Consideration of door hardware may seem like an insignificant consideration when it comes to contemplating a major kitchen remodeling project. In fact there are some important decisions to be made regarding door hardware, and in particular door hinges. There are several general types of hinges. Use, aesthetics and budget are the primary driving forces when it comes to making a final selection.

My preferred hinges are called cup hinges. They have two primary component; One is installed on the door and one mounted on the cabinet. The door element requires a bored hole in the rear of the door frame. The main body of the hinge then is positioned into the bored hole and is secured with screws. This system results in a very strong connection due to the bore / hinge fit. Another advantage of cup hinges is that once the door is installed, the prerequisite positioning of the door is easily adjusted with a set of adjustment screws that allow a variety of adjustment; The door can be adjusted towards or away from the cabinet, left and right and vertically.

Cup hinges are also adaptable to any type of cabinet construction: frameless, face frame, and even inset doors can be mounted with cup hinges. It turns out there are a number of different hinge mechanisms and mounting plates. By marrying different hinges and plates together, an almost unlimited number of geometries are obtainable.

If you're planning a kitchen remodeling project, consider using modern cup hinges. Their ease of use and adjustment are well worth the small extra expense.