Kitchen Installation – Things To Consider – Part Two

There is a big choice of kitchen flooring options to choose from: bamboo floor, walnut floor, birch floor, oak floor. For comfortable kitchen floor installation you may choose engineered wood or solid wood.

Such floors are durable and the hardwood floors are more resistant to weather and stains, which will make them perfect for the new kitchen floor installation.

Laminate, although sometimes looks like wood, in fact is a synthetic material. Laminate flooring is more water resistant than natural wood. But the main advantages are that this flooring is very easy to install and the material is reliably inexpensive compared to real hardwood flooring.

Ceramic tile is also a good material for a kitchen flooring, it's hygienic and easy to clean. But it has also a disadvantage: with time the surface may get covered with small cracks as it is not the strongest material.

Walls decoration.

The most common materials for the kitchen walls are tiles, wallpaper and paint.
Paint is the cheapest and fastest way to renovate a kitchen, wallpaper is more expensive, but can give just a little more character with its large variety of patterns. Wallpaper requires special attention. The first hit of any kitchen accident – fat splashes or steam from a boiling kettle – comes to the wall paper. The optimal solution here is vinyl and washable wallpaper that can end wet cleaning. Choosing wallpapers and paintings for your kitchen walls decoration, make sure the materials are made especially for kitchen use as these will be more resistant against humidity and will be easy to clean.

Ceiling options.

And finally, the top is the ceiling. Naturally it should be easy to clean and waterproof. The suspended ceiling of tiles and rails is assembled quickly and easily, it allows hiding the communications and setting up the spot lights. Although, the room will lose 7-10 cm in height.

Another version of the suspended ceiling is plasterboard. It requires a little more effort: after the sheets are installed, they must be plastered and painted. But this material perfectly traps sounds and allows creating any multi-level decor, as well as allows a necessary space for spotlights installation.

Kitchen furniture is also an important component of comfort. Not only the looks of the kitchen cabinets but the material they made of are of great significance. The frame is usually made of