Kitchen Tools For Chandelier Cleaning

A crystal chandelier will give your home that elegant and stylish feel. It is very relaxing and pleasing to the eye. Having one would brighten-up any room as it reflects on your furniture, walls, and ceiling.

But as time passes by, its gleam and shine would not be the same, as dust, grime, and dirt accumulate on it. When you notice that its former glitter is gone, this is the time when you have to clean it.

Cleaning Dilemma

A lot of people are afraid of cleaning their own chandeliers, because you would have to clean and handle crystals. There is a big risk of dropping and breaking them. They are also very expensive, that's why you need to take extra care in cleaning. It is also difficult to clean it, since most of them are placed in rooms with high ceilings that would require you to do the extra work of climbing up a ladder.

The complex cleaning would also depend on its type, since there are small ones that would require only less than an hour to finish, and those gigantic ones that takes up almost half-a-day's work.

That's why most owners would do away from cleaning; sometimes they even call professionals to do the chore, but this could be very expensive. However, there are ways of caring for your crystal chandeliers without the need of hiring professionals. Just by knowing the right tools, you yourself can do it!

Tool Hunting

There are very common household items that can actually be used for caring for your chandeliers; Some of them are commonly found in the kitchen. Get to know what these items are, to make clean-up time easier for you!

Fabric Gloves and Oven Mitts

Gloves that are made from fabric are good for dusting and handling delicate objects around the house. It is perfect for handling glassware and especially crystals. Just spray-on water or your specified glass cleaner onto the glove; then rub it off onto each individual pendant.

If you do not have fabric gloves, oven mitts would do. Since they are banned, this leads extra protection against scratches. This is a great way to recycle and use the old oven mitts that you have.

Sandwich Bags and Rubber Bands

Sandwich bags and rubber bands can also be used to protect the lights while dusting-off. If there are upward-pointing light bulbs, cover them with sandwich bags and use a rubber band to secure the bag. In this way, you do not have to take them down anymore and they can be protected until you finish your job.

The Mighty Toothpick

The toothpick can be small but terrible. It can be used to clean hard-to-reach areas like crevices or cracks. Just by dipping it into a cleaning solution, it can be your mighty sword in removal: cobwebs, grime, and dirt.


You can use this to catch drips and dirt while cleaning. All you have to do is hang it under your chandelier so that it can catch the water drips while you clean. This is technique saves you from mopping up and cleaning up the floor after the chore. – Golden Age USA