Know the Best House Positioning of Each Planet on the Birth Chart

In a birth chart, the houses play an important role in which characteristics of the planets will be highlighted. Each house has a specific nature and along with the appearance of the planets contribute to you individuality. Find out which house the planets are at it’s best in the following.

The most desirable house placement of each planet are the following: Sun – 1st house, Moon – 11th house, Mercury – 8th house, Venus – 7th house, Mars – 6th house, Jupiter – 5th house, Saturn – 3rd house, Uranus – 9th house, Neptune – 4th house, Pluto – 10th house.

Sun – first house

The presence of the Sun in the first house means a strong sense of identity, versatility and have high self confidence. You have the determination to be unique and use this quality to mingle with others. You are highly optimistic and enjoys a very happy disposition in life.

Moon – eleventh house

The placement of the moon in the eleventh house ensures a harmonious and productive relationships within a group, no matter how different their goals may be. You are highly popular and have a have a good relationship with people around you. You are aware of others feelings.

Mercury – eighth house

When Mercury is in the eighth house, it denotes a person’s resourcefulness. You tend to go deeper in every challenges and always come up with a comprehensive solution for each problem. You always strive to seek for the truth, and in relation to that people in this situation excels in professions that deal with investigations.

Venus – seventh house

The placement of Venus in the seventh house takes pride of his/her social skills and enjoys a satisfying married life. You take a great value on marriage and friendship to a point that you exert all that you can for the success of relationships.

Mars – sixth house

Mars in the sixth house denotes your productiveness and diligence to work. You have no room for idleness. You have a good drive and persistence that may influence the others around you. You strive for perfection and leave no minor details unnoticed.

Jupiter – fifth house

Jupiter on the fifth means nurturing your hidden abilities and along with strong character can aid you in walking though life leisurely. A very good fortune awaits you. Alongside with leisure, is the duty to make a great contribution to the society. People in this scenario, often excel in political and scholastic fields.

Saturn – third house

The presence of Saturn in the third house correlates to high intellectual discipline and practical ideals. You have a very cautious nature and have good sense of judgment and you always speak with veracity.

Uranus – ninth house

The placement of Uranus in the ninth house suggest a progressive and higher level philosophies in life. Your outlooks are insightful and sometimes grandiose. Your direction is not common, instead you look into other options and accepting new visions while enjoying the whole process.

Neptune – fourth house

The presence of Neptune in the fourth house suggests a strong personal and familial security. You have strong, emotionally-bonded familial ties. The lesser the domination of your parents shapes up your unique personality.

Pluto – tenth house

Pluto represents restructuring and regeneration. The position of the planet in the tenth house indicates a person strong will to succeed in his chosen goals. The person is very career-oriented and most especially excel in many field in science.

These arrangements are just guides. It’s still you who has complete control on your destiny.