Know the Main Advantages and Disadvantages of Having Buffet Catering

Buffet catering has come up in so many different forms that it has been widely accepted almost everywhere in this world. There may be different reasons for accepting this kind of catering service. However, there are also certain disadvantages that are associated with buffet catering.

Catering is considered to be an exclusive representation of catering that has been a part of different events or functions, such as marriage or birthday ceremony, corporate or private parties, New Year bash, etc. This type of catering service generally allows an excellent way to serve the guest by offering variety of options arranged out for every single guest. It also offers good value for money and also in terms of quality. It can easily fit within the budget of the organiser as well as that of the catering service provider.

It looks to be more disciplined form of offering feast to different guests. It allows guests to try all the available food-items as many times and as much in quantity as possible, so in a way, most guests could feel satisfied at the end of the party. Buffet catering is suitable for those, who are following a strict diet and for those, who have voracious appetite.

Even, guests can carry the food to and fro and also get the chance to mingle with other guests. This kind of catering also helps in less wastage of food. It is also convenient for the caterer to offer variety of special dishes, so that not only the organiser, but also the guests can appreciate the choices of dishes. Further, they can get more contracts in the future.

Apart from the above-mentioned advantages, there can also be some few main disadvantages of having this type of catering service. It is often to manage a buffet arrangement, because it involves lot of effort on the part of both organiser and caterer. In order to set up a buffet catering, one needs to have enough space to place long tables in order to keep the different dishes; it needs to have more waiters to serve the guest at each food item.

Sometimes, it may be embarrassing for certain guests to stand in the queue with plates in their hands, waiting to be either served by waiter or getting self-served. At times, it becomes difficult for the older guests to hold the plate in their hand at a stretch. Thus, we see the different pros and cons of buffet catering. Having some disadvantages, it is still a much preferred option in today’s catering business.