Koi Feeding Basics

Every people who love these beautiful pets would like to own have healthy and colorful ones. You can help your koi if you follow these instructions.

When you choose Koi foods, you should check the quality. It is very important, because the proper nutrition is the basic rule if you would like to have healthy and happy Koi fish. It doesn’t matter how good or expensive the food you are feeding, if it is not fresh, it can cause problems in the long run.

Beside the quality and freshness, the variety is also important. If you feed your fish always with the same food, something will be lacking and your koi can get disease. You should use more manufacturers feed and mix it or feed in a variety.

Sometimes give them fresh greens and fruits, this way your carps can get healthier.

Fish have a pellet size that they are comfortably able to swallow. Koi prefers medium sized pellets to large pellets. Koi fish should be eat several times a day. At least 3 quick meals a day with small portions is proper and minimize waste.

In summer you should give them lower proteins foods, such as wheat germ based foods. If the temperature is high, the protein foods produce much ammonia.

Hand feeding is a very big experience. Koi are none-aggressive fish and do not have teeth. You can try it bravely. The trick is to start slow. Never make any sudden movements, because this will scare your fish. Begin by placing a few pellets in your hand and submerging your hand under water. After you have dropped the food into the pond for a couple of days, begin making the fish remove the food from your hand. Doing this everyday will get them comfortable with you.