Labor Day Crafts Using Dowel

Labor Day is considered the last hurrah of summer. And we usually celebrate it with backyard barbeques (frequently one of the last before fall's chill takes over), spending time with our families and friends, and just having some much-needed downtime as the chaos of back-to-school, extracurricular activities and other fall routines begin. Enjoy some of that downtime with easy to make Labor Day crafts while having fun and creating memories with your children in the process.

There are many activities that can be done or adapted to your own creative objectives, but here are a couple of ideas you can use with your children for a great Labor Day.

Use cardboard or poster board to make patriotic flags. Cut the cardboard or poster board into sizes appropriate for easy handling by the children who will be using them. Have them glue scraps of tissue paper, construction paper or fabric to fashion and fill in the stars and stripes.

Once completed, have them hole punch the upper corners of the flag. Use red, white or blue ribbon or twine to loop through the holes, then tie into place. Hang the completed project in a window, on the wall or on the front door.

Another easy to complete craft is to have the children cut a star, again, using cardboard or poster board. Have them to apply materials using glue to give color and texture to the star. Materials may include the same as the above, including tissue paper, construction paper or fabric. Or have them to color the star with washable markers. To give the star some shine, have them apply red, white or blue glitter.

Add an element of creativity, dimension and eye-appeal by helping the children to cut stars of incremental sizes and glue one on top of the other using a combination of patriotic colors to mark the holiday.

Assistance in its Providing use the if the children are On Unable to safely do so for Themselves, use a hot glue gun to glue the star (s) to a section of wood Dowel . Embellish by adding strips of red, white or blue ribbon to the back side of the star. The ribbon can be free-falling from the base of the star or wrapped overlaid around the dowel.

Add to the celebration by having the children craft their own flute and drums using everyday household materials. Use the cardboard from a roll of paper towels to make a flute and the cardboard from an oats container, along with two thin, evenly cut pieces of dowel, for a drum. Attach red, white or blue ribbon with a hot glue gun so the child may wear it around them and keep his / her hands free for drumming.

However, always think safety first! Be sure to measure a length appropriate to fit around the child so that he / she may have fun, but such that there is no danger of strangulation. As an alternative to ribbon that wraps around the child's neck, perhaps consider ribbon that will wrap around a child's waist, perhaps in his / her belt loops, instead.

Once these projects are complete, have your little ones perform their very own Labor Day parade. You're a Grand Old Flag and Yankee Doodle are great childhood classics to consider performing!

Using some hardwood dowel, inexpensive materials, such as ribbon, construction paper and glue, and a little bit of imagination, you have now created a grand master, a flutist and a drummer.

Happy Labor Day!