Lace Front Wig – Tape Or Glue? Choosing the Right Adhesive

Positioning a lace front wig requires practice and of course the right adhesive. Luckily there are adhesives in the market just made for applying lace wigs. Adhesives can be categorized in two main categories:

1. Tape adhesives are systems that incorporate a double-sided tape that is sticky on both sides. One sticky side is attached to your skin and the other sticky part is attached on the lace.

2. Glue adhesives work on the same principle, but they are firstly applied then allowed to sit until they are tacky. The main thing you need to remember is that contact glue is set before connecting the lace wig to the scalp.

If you are contemplating on what the best choice is, remember that each type has its pros and cons, as well as its specific uses. Generally, adhesives used for lace wigs are contact style adhesives, meaning that they are not like regular adhesives. They contain ingredients that need to work properly in contact with the human skin, in what concerns durability, dermatologic impact on the skin and ease of application.

1. Soluble types of adhesives can be water- based or solvent-based. The first type is less invasive to the skin and produces no allergic reaction, while the second contains compounds more aggressive to the skin but may last longer.

2. In order to prevent any allergic reaction to the lace wig adhesives, especially glue, you can make a hand test. Apply a small drop of glue on your skin, in any of the sensitive places of your body (meaning the inner side of the forearm, near the hairline or even on your neck). Leave it to dry for about half of hour, than remove it. If within 24 hours the place covered by glue becomes red and itchy, it may be a sign that you are allergic to it. In that case, you can use tape adhesives instead of glues

Take note: for applying a lace front wig correctly, you will need more than just the glue recipient or the tape. You can buy a variety of adhesive kits that include the adhesive, scalp protectors, fray block, conditioners to treat the hair on the lace wig in order to prevent the wear & tear and even products that will help you to remove effectively the adhesive from the lace front wig and the skin.