Lace Frontal Wig Guide

Lace frontal wigs are a great asset for any woman who wants to have the natural look of a lace front wig but is not yet ready to give up her fabulous weaves. If you are just trying out lace wigs or just cannot part with your favorite weave brand, a lacefrontal is a nice introduction into lacewigs. This guide presents a brief overview of what there is to know about lacefrontals.

What is a lace frontal?

A lacefrontal is similar to a front lacewig in many ways. The lace is around the perimeter of the hairline to provide a natural looking appearance. The main difference is that a lacefrontal is solely a piece that can be installed from the hairline up to the crown of the head. Many lacefrontals are shorter than this providing only 3 to 5 inches of lace.

The lacefrontal also achieves everything that other lacewigs do. High quality human or synthetic hair is installed on most lace frontals. These are also cheaper than many full lacewigs and front lacewigs because they are half the size.

Why should I consider a lace frontal?

A lace frontal is a great purchase for women seeking more natural looking weaves but do not want to commit to the full lacewig. Many women are fans of their hair weaves and extensions minus the unnatural hairline or scalp. With a weave, you have direct access to much of the scalp unlike a lacewig where you must remove the entire unit.

A lacefrontal is also a good option for women suffering from thinning hairlines or at the crown of their head. If you have a thick head of hair, you do not want to add on a full lacewig. Many women like to think of a lacefrontal like a spot treatment for their hair. Place it in the spot that needs it most, no more and no less.

How is a lace frontal installed? Can I do this myself like a lace wig?

A lace frontal is best installed by a professional since more advanced weaving and hair extension techniques are also employed. If you are very well versed in lacewigs and hair weaving, then this is something that you can most likely do. If you are only good at one of these skills, you will need professional help.

A lace frontal is installed like any other lacewig around the hairline area. For the back half, some stylists choose to directly integrate the lace frontal into the extension through braiding techniques while others prefer basic blending of the two units.

By using this guide, you can better acquaint yourself with lace frontals. Whether you are a weave or extension lover for life, it never hurts to try something new. As always, make sure to seek professional help if you are unsure about lacewig application and using lace wig hair products.