Lace Wigs – Full Lace Vs Front Lace

Lace wigs are wigs that are handmade onto a sheer lace base with hair hand tied to the foundation. Human hair lace wigs are most typically made using grade Remy Indian and Chinese hair. However, they are also constructed using European, Mongolian, Brazilian and Malaysian hair. Front lace wigs have hand tied lace around the front perimeter of the wig whereas full lace wigs have hand tied hair throughout the entire head.

The wigs are natural looking and virtually undetectable and the strands of hair look like they are growing right out of your head. The wig can be parted anywhere on the head, worn in a high ponytail, and is very versatile. They can be worn for weeks at a time without removing it and it does not damage your natural hair. The wig can be washed and styled as you would your normal hair. You can also permit and dye your wig although it is recommended to be done by a professional.

These wigs are worn by top celebrities, people who experience hair loss, and everyday people like you and me. They can be very expensive, upwards to over $ 1000. However you can purchase premium quality wigs at an affordable price. Look like a celebrity without spending celebrity money.


  • Instantly changes your hairstyle. No need to wait years to change your do. Ideal for customers with short, medium, thin hair; Hair loss sufferers, even completely bald.
  • Come from a single donor's head to ensure a more natural look with hair going in the same direction.
  • Can be free styled, able to part it in any direction without worrying about tracks or loads showing. Hair can be worn in a high ponytail and look as natural in the back of your head as the front.
  • Does not damage your natural hair and gives it a rest from curling irons, perms, dyes and over processing.
  • Look natural to the human eye up close and at a distance.