Ladder Shelves – The New Way To Display

If you want to dress up your home by displaying photos, books or ornaments then why not add some ladder shelves? These are fantastic for displaying all your favorite collections from ornaments to books. Just about every home no matter how big or small has something to put on display and these will do the trick quite nicely indeed.

You can choose between leaning styles to free standing styles all of which look great. This idea is wonderful especially if you are renting your home, as you would not be allowed to build permanent shelving. You will find that they will suit just about any decor and they are very affordable.

They come in a variety of styles including a work station version where there is a computer desk attached. This would be great for the home office or childrens study area. It makes no difference what amount of room space you have either as there are corner versions that are very space saving.

And do not think that these ladder style shelves are just for ornaments and such as you can purchase ones for the bathroom to hold your towels. These are a fantastic idea especially if there are a lot of you living in the one house as you can hang many towels on this type of shelving. And if you color co-ordinate your towels you will be even more pleased with the result.

Now, I do not know about you but I for one have a lot of books in my home and ladder book shelves really come in handy. Depending on what size you purchase you can shelve loads of books. In my case I have two standing side by side that are made from mahogany and they look incredibly beautiful along side the rest of my furniture. But of course you can get them in other materials as well like pewter for instance.

You can find these ladder shelves easily online or in stores from anywhere from $ 100 to $ 200. Obviously this depends on what size and what materials they are made from. And if you are creative and have carpentry skills then perhaps you could even make one yourself. Which ever you choose you will be pleased with the outcome for sure.