Ladder Stabilizer – Easier Movement Above the Ground

Ladder stabilizer increases the stability of a ladder and improves your reach when working. This is a ladder accessory with arms in wide tubular shape and skid-free pads made of rubber. A stabilizer can be used in any types of extension ladders providing you a better grip on your working surface. Although ladders can greatly help in reaching higher work areas, you must remember that the higher the height of the ladder is, the more unstable it becomes. This is where ladder stabilizers become an essential accessory to keep your workstations steady and sturdy despite any height.

A ladder stabilizer helps you perform risky jobs that are beyond a ladder's limitation. It allows you to access the different sides of a window with not much effort. You only need to position the stabilizer once and you can already efficiently reach all sides of a window. It even allows you to work around all areas of a gutter. Ladders can sometimes be a hindrance for you to see and reach the parts of a gutter that you need to work on. Using stabilizers provide you the flexibility to comfortably reach and work even on deep soffit to hang a gutter.

A ladder stabilizer can definitely provide a lot of ease and safety while working in heights. The following additional information on the types of stabilizers and buying tips can help you decide on what to look for:

Added versatility with adjustable ladder stabilizers

There are two types of ladder stabilizers – fixed depth and adjustable.

Fixed depth stabilizers are installed on your ladders by sliding it over the rungs of your ladders. Then you have to use a safety clip to make sure it is locked in place. This type of stabilizer is usually 45 inches and can hold the ladder about 10 inches away from the walls of your house. This can carry a workload of about 300 lbs. This type can be found in home centers or hardware shops and could only cost around USD 15 to USD 30 each.

Adjustable ladder stabilizers provide additional versatility. Unlike the fixed-depth type, this is installed in the ladder rails using U-bolts. It can still hold the same amount of workload with the fixed depth, however, the positioning of this type can vary. It can be easily converted from a wider to a narrower width, depending on what your work will require. You have the option to rent it for $ 10 a day or purchase it at home centers for only USD 70.

Just A Few Reminders

  • Stabilizers are not to be used with folding ladders.
  • Check for existing overhead power lines in your work area. Not doing so can possibly cause injuries or even death due to electrocution.
  • It is a no-no to stand on the stabilizers.
  • Ladder stabilizers are not used as alternative to work plank hangers in a ladder. It is intended to support and maintain the ladders stability.
  • Always ensure that you are complying to the suggested workload capacity of the ladder and its stabilizer. Ladder stabilizers can not support additional workloads.

While a ladder can help you reach the highest work area, a ladder stabilizer provides you your much needed stability. Ladder stabilizers ensure that you are perfectly safe working even at the highest point that your ladder can take you.