Lamenting Poetic Moods [six Poems]

Advance: in Mr. Siluk's poetry one finds symbolist values, sensuous impressions; verbal magic and even childish jingles; at times the popular 8-syllable verse (ballad metre). Free verse, with lamenting poetic moods, even satire (poems inside-out). Here are a few more of his recently written poems. Rosa PeƱaloza.

Lamenting Poetic Moods

(Six Poems)

By Dennis Siluk

Spring Scene: Rain

[Along the Mississippi]

Dusk descends. A mist

shows nothing of kindness.

And now, as the sun falls,

a dead pale gleam, hardly

seen …

covers the city, along the


With tarnished spring rain–!

Everything is cold and gray.

No moon at all, just pale drab

rain's …

Bleak rain, all night and day;

Pale-bleak rain, along the


Note: # 670 [5/16/05]; inspired by the rain;

in St. Paul, Minnesota; and Juan Ramon Jimenez.


[Ancient ruins by the Andes of Peru, 700 AD]

Ancient ruins, hidden away

In the Mantaro Valley

Huancayo …

A scent of silence … resides

In the quiet skies

Of Wariwilca! …

A cheerful breeze clashes my knees

As I kneel down

And Drink from its spring …

In the quiet corners of

The ruins, spirits still linger

Unruffled ….

# 671 / 05.16.05

American Society:

Yellow moon-light

We are Christians, but have

Not faith–!

We are ecclesiastical but

Not spiritual–!

We have no roots, but we

Have big feet!

It is a land of everyone

Ruled by everyone

Even mystics–!

We have the mountain and sky

And we all try to fly–!

We love God, with or

Without Him–!

It should be made clear–

We are preoccupied with:

Death, money and beer!

(And most folks hate poetry

At best.)

Our youth and Congress

With long grass and low skies–

Are on a road that leads to lies!

As for me–

Books, New York City, just before

Dawn: yellow moon-light shines through

My empty room ….

Farewell, farewell; next stop

My poems becomes alive

With cosmic crap–!

# 669

White Peril

Weakness rides the humans of life!

Humans against the anguish of Satan!

He feels wronged and thus, suffers

Madly with his blemished soul!

They are many; but they exist, they

… Paint white fences for weak humans.

The poor … the poor! He slaps their face;

Puts them in place; It gives gilt filled destinies.

Weakness rides the humans of life!

Madly with the blemished soul of Satan …:

Crazed eyes, shoulders high, high:

He summons us … to his den nearby! …

# 668

Cesar Vallejo's:

Feasible of Black Roses

Bow down your head ol 'poet–

To face God's grace ahead

There are no more trenches

To dig today …

In the forest of your head,


Bow down, bow down,

Ol 'barbaric poet!

Death rides the horse ahead

I hear the crackling of a whip

See the crazed eyes of death.

He summons you to his den–

The devil and his wind,


Bow down, bow down

Your blood stained brows

He will take you to the edge.

Closer, closer, I see you now

With Ah! a moving satanic cloud

I see a festival of black-roses:

Hear a clamor in the crowd;

Bow down, bow down, Ol 'poet

… I hear applause!

Forgive me Lord, I tired

In the afternoon of my life–

But souls are seized by devils

And black-roses at festivals:

On days that 'you are sick! …'

# 666 [15/05/2005]

Evangeline of Lima

Evangelina of Lima,

Awoken in her breasts

Warmth at the request
For her hand in marriage

By the handsome young captain

Don Fernando–!

But obsession to gamble

Woud tare his heart away

As he squandered her fortune

And her diamond solitaire ring.

But fortune would have it so,

She died a solid wife–

To save her husbands honor

In the middle of her life.

Note: Inspired by Ricardo Palma, and his "Peruvian Traditions". Being a licensed counselor for many years, and schooled in psychology, and addictions, this case he writes about, was most interesting to me, and therefore I wrote my poem with it as an example. I do not feel I have taken anything away from his writings, and was careful to observe this.