Laminate Flooring Has Many Advantages

Did you recently drop a heavy object or drop glass which had shattered on your kitchen tiled floor? Did parts of the tile chip away after the accident? Did you spill water on the wooden parquet floor in your den? Did parts of the wood come apart as a result? When you are ready to replace your flooring, you may want to consider purchasing laminate flooring because it has many advantages over other types of flooring.

One advantage of laminate flooring is that it is quite durable. It is made of a tough wear layer and is a lot more durable than vinyl and hardwood flooring. Scratches from accidents and heavy foot traffic will not affect laminate flooring. In fact, it is resistant to scratches. If you have a child that is constantly dropping toys on the floor, and you have accidentally shattered glass repeatedly on this flooring, no one will ever know by looking at it. A good quality one will appear new for many years.

A second advantage of this kind of flooring is that it is not only very easy to clean, but is extremely resistant to fading, moisture and stains. In order to clean this flooring, use a little bit of soap and water, and wipe down dirt or spills. There will be no trace of any of it. Warranty protection is offered by any reputable manufacturers for a long time, ranging from 10 to 25 years on average.

The third advantage of this type of flooring is that it is extremely easy to install. Many top brands of laminate flooring have created a glueless floating floor installation method and process. All that is involved in the installation is cutting the floor, clicking it together, and that is it. Professional installers can complete the simple task in a few days, but if you want to do it yourself, it will take much longer.

Once the flooring has been installed, heavy objects such as furniture can placed on it right after.

A huge advantage of this flooring is that it is highly economical. Carpeting usually needs to be replaced at least twice, especially if there is a lot of traffic. Hardwood flooring needs to be refinished at least four to five times. Laminate flooring does not need to be replaced or refinished at all. Once it is installed, it is in great shape for good.

Last but not least, this floor covering is cleaner and provides a healthy living environment. Carpets and other floorings are not as clean as it accumulates allergens, dust and pet dander. Laminate flooring does not, and it does not hold old stain contaminants on the surface. People who have allergies are not recommended to have carpeting in their homes, and should replace their carpeting with laminate flooring for that reason.

Before purchasing laminate flooring, or any kind of flooring if you decide to go that route, you need to do your research and find out the reputable flooring companies that will offer you not just the best quality flooring but the best service. If you are looking into purchasing flooring, and have a young family, pets and a lot of friends coming over often, it is recommended to get laminate flooring for reasons mentioned above.