Laminate Flooring Part 3 – Finding a Starting Point

One of the important factors in planning the layout of your laminate flooring in your home is, how the finished product will look.

Things like window lighting and room size and shape determine which direction your flooring will be going to lay.

Hardwood Laminate Flooring Appearance
When possible, position the laminate flooring so that it runs perpendicular to sunlight coming in through the windows. This will maximize the reflection and give it that wonderful 'mirrored' look. Of course, you can not make that this is the only factor you have to consider. The general look of the room you are renovating will determine how it should go as well.

Take this our project for example. When installing flooring over a plank sub floor, you have to run the laminate perpendicular to the subfloor. This is much more important than the sunlight thing I mentioned before. In this case, it meant we are ignoring the sunlight factor doing this job. It worked out very nicely though because the direction we laid the laminate flooring in looked the best.

Finding a Starting Point
The next task is finding a starting point to begin. The things that have to be considered are hallways, openings where two rooms meet and common walls in adjacent rooms.

The install that we did here was really a bit tricky. We had two rooms, the kitchen and the dining room. They did not have a common exterior wall. This is helpful for laying out where to begin the laminate flooring. Getting things to line up in separate rooms can be bit tricky.