Laminate Flooring Problems You Should Be Aware Of

Like all types of flooring that you install in your home, you may never have laminate flooring problems, but just in case you do, you should be ware of how to repair them. The usual problems that homeowners have with this type of flooring are:
* Peaking
* Buckling
* Gapping
* Mold and mildew
* Expanding chipped corners

Peaking refers to the boards pushing one another up in places in the floor and forming a type of small peak. It could be the result of a lack of room for the flooring to expand because there was not enough room left around the sides of the room. To repair this problem, follow the board along to the wall and remove the baseboard or molding. Thai may allow the flooring the space it needs or you may need to cut away some of the laminate close to the wall. Then you can replace the baseboard.

Moisture and water damage can cause the flooring to buckle. A laminate floor should never be wet mopped because the moisture can get into the MDF layer of the plank and damage it. If this is a problem you encounter, you will have to replace the floor.

Gapping happens when the planks of the flooring start to pull away from one another. However, this problem does not occur very often. It will happen if the temperature of the room drops to below normal causing the planks to contract.

Mold and mildew are caused by excessive moisture. If you have this problem with your laminate flooring, you first have to find the source of the mold and mildew and eradicate it. Then you have to find the source of the excessive moisture and take steps to prevent it from occurring again. Once you clean up the mold from the flooring and make sure you have solved the moisture problem, you will not have this problem with your flooring.

If you notice chipped corners, you may not have installed the flooring properly. If you tap the planks together using too much force, you could chip the corners. If you notice this happening, you should replace them as soon as it happens. Using a vacuum cleaner on laminate flooring with a beater bar can also damage the floor and it could also be the result of poor quality flooring. If you choose thin flooring because of the cheap price and install it in a high traffic area, then you will probably have to replace it because of this chipping problem.