Laminator Reviews – A Review on the 5 Best Laminating Machines

There are many different laminators on the market and this amount of choice can make buying a laminator daunting. Here are reviews of some of the best laminating machines, to help you make up your mind.

Brother Cool Laminator LX-900 Machine

This high quality laminating machine can laminate and trim a document in less than half a minute. The LX-900 can laminate with a magnetic back, laminate double sided or laminate on one side with an adhesive back. This laminator is very versatile and uses refillable cartridge-based supplies. The LX-900 uses a cold pressure method for laminating, so there is no heat used. This takes the worry out of laminating precious photos and antique documents and also means there is no warm up time. This laminator is high up in the laminator reviews because the machine is versatile as well as providing excellent laminating features.

GBC HeatSeal Ultima 65 Laminator

This laminating machine allows you to laminate documents of different sizes up to 27 "and is ideal in a home, office or school. The GBC Ultima 65 roll laminator features variable speeds and temperatures, all of which are controlled with the simple to use keypad on the laminator. an infrared sensor keeps the rollers consistently hot throughout the lamination, meaning wrinkle-free results. There is an auto shut off on this machine which guards against overheating. The GBC Ultima 65 laminator also has an interlocking feed tray, a roller shield and a retractable blade.

Pro Lam PL 1200 Laminator

The PL 1200 laminator is ideal for a design department, school or print shop. Able to produce high quality laminations, this laminating machine is 12 "wide for laminating large items and it is very quick. You can laminate twenty five feed a minute with this machine so if you want something heavy duty, this one might be a good choice since it always does well in laminator reviews because of its consistently good lamination and its speediness.

Fellowes HRL 125 13 "Pouch Laminator

The Fellowes HRL 125 pouch laminator is great for home or office use. It is 13 "wide so you can laminate photos, documents or anything else up to that size. This laminator heats up quickly and can laminate a page in half a minute. Two of the four rollers in this machine are heated and you can use up to 10-mil lamination film without using a carrier. There are five temperature settings from cold to hot and the lid is also used as a receiving tray. There is an inbuilt release system and auto shutoff.

Xyron 4400 Laminator

This laminating machine applies adhesive to, or laminates, items up to 43 "wide so if you want to make signs, posters or other large laminated items, this one is ideal. The Xyron 4400 comes with an input tray and a mobile stand. You can apply either gloss or matte to laminates and you can choose from 43 ", 38" and 25 "laminated documents. The big input tray with an adjustable edge helps you to feed the documents in properly and the input roller arms let you laminate rolls of documents. You can change between applications depending on what you are laminating and the finish you require.

These laminator reviews are for some of the best laminators on the market. Obviously the laminator you choose depends on your individual needs, preferences and budget.