Landscaping Resources For Inspiration

While it would be nice to be able to hire a landscaping company to create the yard of your dreams, sometimes homeowners do not have the money to pay a professional to do all the work. This is why we've gathered some of our favorite resources for the DIY crowd or even other landscaping pro's who want to keep up with the latest and greatest in landscape design.

Google and Google Images
These days, the internet is your best friend. Go to Google and you can find all sorts of articles on landscape design. Visit Google Images for instant visual ideas. Try searching for anything your interested in such fire pits, water features, patio, lighting or retaining walls. Then combine this with words such as 'design,' 'layout,' 'blueprints,' and 'construction' for lots of great ideas.

Open Houses and Model Homes
Even if you are not in the market to buy, that does not mean you can not check out the open houses or model homes through your community. Make sure you bring a notepad with you or even better a camera, such as the one your cell phone. Have a look around and make notes or take pictures of anything that appeals to you.

There are tons of magazines you can buy or even subscribe to. has an entire section devoted to Home & Garden magazines. If you need your magazine right this instant, head to your local Home Depot or Lowes and take a look at their magazine racks. You are sure to find something that appeals to your needs.

Landscaping Software
After doing your research and getting an idea of ​​how you would like to landscape your yard, I would definitely recommend checking out the Plan-a-Garden tool from Better Homes and Gardens. You can drag-and-drop all sorts of items such as trees, shrubs, structures, fencing, ponds and more on your screen and get a good feel for how your design will look. This tool is amazing and it's free.

From the internet and software to magazines and open houses, you should have no problems coming up with ideas for your own yard. I hope these resources have put you on the beautiful stone path to getting started with your own landscaping project. Good luck!