Landscaping With Stone Veneer

Think about coming home from a long day and spending a little time unwinding in a sanctuary that's your very own – dining outdoor on a delicious meal prepared in your own outdoor kitchen or relaxing by the fireplace in an outdoor living room. If it sounds too good to be true, think again.

You can create beautiful outdoor living spaces by building and landscaping with stone veneer. Sure, it is not a load bearing material, but it's beautiful, practical, and less difficult to work with than natural stone. Let's find out more about it.

A lot of us are looking for ways to personalize our homes, so they reflect our personalities more accurately and act as comfortable places to unwind. However, a lot of projects, like complex brick and stonework, are more effort than most of us want to put in, plus they require a lot of specialized training. That's why stone veneer, made from polyurethane, is such a great idea. These faux panels are made from a heavy duty type of polymer sheeting that has a durability you might not associate with polyurethane, and they look just like real stone.

You'll be amazed at how realistic they really are. It is hard to tell without you're extremely close to the piece of veneer. Generally this faux veneer is made between five eighths of an inch thick to more than three inches thick, depending on texture and the use to which it is to be put. Stone veneer type materials are far more versatile than you may believe, and they're easier and faster to install, too. You'll save a lot of time and money just by using it.

Installation is simple – just measure carefully, cut your material with ordinary carpentry tools, and fit the panels into each other. It's like putting together a puzzle! Use adhesive to attach these veneer panels to your wall, then use a caulking gun to seal up the seams. It's also a good idea to use screw fasteners to attach your stone veneer panels more effectively. These panels work indoors and out. They also make great landscaping accents for your outdoor spaces.

Since it's actually a variety of vinyl siding (even though it looks just like stone) you do not have to worry about the longevity of your stone veneer . Caulk it correctly and it'll be water tight, and it resists UV damage. Skip shingles or conventional siding and try faux stone panels instead – you'll be amazed at the difference. You can cover concrete work with a fake stone facade that's really convincing. Rough and dressed stone styles are available, so it's easy to make everything look the way you want.

Stone veneer is incredibly versatile. Many people think about just using it as exterior home siding, but it can do so many other things. Use stone veneer to cover outdoor tables, bars or low walls that create the boundaries of your outdoor living spaces, for instance. Use it inside, or as a landscaping element. There are so many options with faux stone panels, especially when you take it into your outdoor space. It looks great, adds texture and color to your home, and increases perceived value and curble appealing.