Landscaping Your Yard

The yard is the most neglected part of the house. But with a proper planning the yard can also be made attractive. Landscaping yards are the designs that are made to make the yard attractive. Design plans for front yard landscaping and design ideas for the back usually have different purposes. Most front yards generally follow a purpose of accessibility and invitation. It 'serves more as a frontage and we spend very little time there. So generally consist of walkways and driveways. Backyards are meant for more practical purposes like gardening, entertaining or simply for spending leisure hours. The designs for both therefore differ dramatically.

Creating curb appeal in landscaping yards is a good idea for adding value, a sense of invitation, and to frame the picture of one's home. A simple design also works best in the front yard. Since the backyard is where people spend most of their time, spending more energy and money here is preferable. Landscaping yards also include proper planning and ideas. A professional landscape designer often provides the right guidance.

Residential landscaping yards are designed to help plan and maintain the front and back yards. These yards are generally given shape with proper landscape edging. The flooring for the front yard can be done with bricks or stones. This gives a classic dimension to the planning.

For the backyard one must plan a proper landscape design with some essential tips to be kept in mind:





Alkaline pH

Acidic pH



poorly drained



Poorly drained


Full sun

Partial sun



Exposed to freezes

Exposed to extreme heat


Power lines

Underground utilities

Septic tank

Roof overhangs

Paved surfaces


Exposed to strong wind

Exposed to wet / dry seasonal


Plant characteristics for landscaping yards that reduce maintenance and prevent pollution:







Thrives without supplemental fertilizing

A good landscaping yard incorporating the right plants in the right places reduces maintenance requirements and costs. For most yards it will be necessary to perform some maintenance, including:

o Composting

o Fertilizing

o Watering

o Mowing, Pruning, Raking

o Mulching

o Pest Management

Many homeowners have a favorite color and would like to grow flowers bearing that color. Others may wish to go a step further and mix a little color-theory application with their residential landscaping ideas. That is why landscaping yards may differ from one house to another. A deserted backyard or front yard may be turned in to a marvelous landscaping yard with proper design including varied color, texture, trees and furniture.