Language Barrier

Language is the human use of spoken or written words as a communication system this definition is according to Encarta dictionaries. Language in the world can not have a fix number, it changes over time. During the year 1997, it was stated that the Bible is translated over 2, 197 diverse language. That is a large number. How many language you can speak at the moment? Two? Three? Five? Eight? Ten?

You make speak more than ten or twenty languages but for sure you are not fluent with each of the languages. That is why when people met each other and came from different countries who speak different languages has a difficulty in talking to each other and expressing the real point of the message they want to deliver to you. It is hard for you to understand them all. Especially, if you only knew small number of language.

Then people think of a solution to this problem to avoid language  barriers . One way is by practicing a universal language for all. We used the languages who are spoken by most of the people and that is Mandarin, English and Spanish. By that, we you practice that languages you can travel in the whole world and meet different people and cultures with different races and languages without any difficulty in communication and expressing your point.

Not along time from now, my friend and I met someone who is from Europe and we can not understand her basic language. So, we use one of the languages who are spoken by many and thank God she can understand us. She just visits and has a vacation in my country for about a week. We are here guide while she is in our country, she invited us to go to there country to. We just said, hope so it will come. I have now a new friend who speaks in different tongue and that is amazing. By the way before she left, I saw her removing her false teeth. I thought it was an original tooth, she said I only let my true friends see me this way. She also added that she have that disease when she a kid, first it was just a gingivitis and it became a chronic periodontitis. I like her so much; she is very true and so nice of her to share that to us even though it is quite embarrassing for her.