Large and Oversized Door Pulls and Push Plates

Using Large Door Hardware

Replacing door hardware in older homes can sometimes be a daunting process because it is difficult to determine if the new hardware will be compatible and function correctly – this is especially true for oversized or large door hardware components such as push and pull plates, hinges and doorknob sets. The weight and size of a door are important factors to consider when replacing any older and worn hardware because you want to install high quality pieces that will not break under the strain and will look appropriate on your door. Even if you are installing new doors (especially entryway doors) it is important to consider these points during the installation to prevent problems later on.

A big door requires solid hardware that is typically cast in solid brass or iron. While both are great materials for replacing or upgrading your current hardware, solid brass has the added bonus of extreme durability and a broad range of designs and finishes. Large exterior doorknob entryway sets in solid brass can be matched or coordinated with knockers, doorbells and kick plates very easily because of the flexibility of this medium. Interior door hardware (like hinges or push and pull plates) should be appropriate for the size of the door and the weight they need to carry. Underestimating your needs can lead to damage later if the door is too heavy and can not be moved without extreme difficulty.

What Is Oversized?

Oversized can be a misleading term however because what size hardware is appropriate for your door is dependent on the size of the door itself. If you are replacing older hardware look for pieces that are near the size of the originals. If you are installing new hardware on a new door ask a local designer or contractor for advice regarding how big your new hardware should be. Remember that replacing or installing new hardware is simply simple but attention to details matter. By replacing all the hardware on a door you can create a consistent and beautiful design that can be used as the basis for a common theme throughout your house.