Laser Surveying Equipment

Although surveying equipment has been around since the times of the Egyptians it is only in recent years that the use of lasers has been introduced to make the process of measuring things that much easier and simpler to achieve. In this article we will be taking a closer look at some different pieces of laser surveying equipment many construction companies now use.

1. Laser Levels

There are many different types of laser levels now being used in the construction industry and depending upon the demands of the task to be carried out out will depend on which kind of level is used. But when it comes to choosing a laser level do you choose one that is able to self level itself or one that you have to level manually.

Certainly the largest benefit to be gained from using a level level laser over a manual one is that it can find its own level without the person actually having to do any adjustments to it. Whilst as a manual one would suggest you have to make sure the level is even yourself which can often take some time to achieve.

2. Single or Dual Grade Laser

This kind of laser surveying equipment is used in order to measure as well as define the gradient of a slope. However the disadvantage of the single grade version is that it can only calculate what the gradient is on one particular plane while the dual version can do so using two different planes at once.

3. Rotating and Straight Line Lasers

The rotating laser produces a beam of laser light from a beacon which is able to rotate and so can produce a level plane right across 360 degrees. Whilst the straight line laser when used in surveying puts out either one or more laser beams and is able to perform the function which allows the surveyor to produce a cross or plumb line.

4. Pipe Lasers

This particular piece of surveying equipment is most often used when new pipes, drains or sewers are being laid (installed). Once one section of the pipe has been laid the laser will be placed inside it so the next pipe can be aligned and graduated in line with the one already in place. Using this helps to ensure that the pipes being installed are done so with a great deal more accuracy.

5. Laser Receivers

This particular piece of equipment is often used with the laser level (which we have mentioned above) and is able to cover a much wider area of ​​land that needs measuring. Also it enables the user to use the laser level both outside and when the sun is bright. The receiver works by being able to pick up the beam from the laser level and will adjust its height until such time as the right level has been found. As soon as this is achieved the receiver will emit a constant sound.

But as well as their being laser surveying equipment that the construction industry now constantly use a person is able to buy much more affordable ones they can use at home. In fact some are so small they can fit into a person's pocket and the prices range from around $ 20 and can cost as much as $ 300.