Laser Vs CCD Barcode Scanners

It is essential for businesses to organize their inventories, monitor the movement of goods, and ensure security on their premises. Accurate and efficient automatic identification of products is part of a successful business process. Barcode readers having high efficiency serve these purposes.

These days, barcode scanners (readers) are seen at many places. They are found at retail stores, libraries, warehouses, hospitals, and almost at every other place. As they improve the speed of data retrieval and processing, they are beneficial for any business. On the basis of technology used, they are classified into various types among which laser and CCD barcode scanners have a wide range of applications.

Laser barcode scanners

These readers use laser beam as a source of illumination for reading barcodes. They usually have a rotating prism or an oscillating mirror. It moves the laser beam forward and backward across the barcode. A photodiode in this reader measures the intensity of light reflected from the barcode.

Laser scanners have high precision and accuracy. They are considered to have a good performance because of their scanning range. They have the ability to read barcodes from greater distances and are preferred for non-contact applications.

CCD barcode scanners

Barcode readers using CCD (Charge Coupled Device) technology are termed as CCD scanners. They are also called as linear imager barcode readers. A series of small light sensors are arranged in a single row in a CCD barcode scanner. They measure the ambient light emitted by the barcode. They are designed in such a way that they can withstand harsh working conditions.

Both laser and CCD scanners are preferred by many businesses these days. Though laser and CCD readers are advantageous in their own way, here are some comparative views on their benefits.

Advantages of CCD scanners over laser scanners

CCD barcode scanners are beneficial over laser scanners in many ways. Some of them are mentioned here:

• CCD scanners incorporate use of LED lights for illuminating the barcode. They last for about ten times longer than laser scanners.

• Unlike laser scanners, they do not have any moving parts. So, they are less susceptible to damage or failure. They are resistant to regular wear and tear.

• When you use a laser beam, it is necessary to follow certain safety precautions with respect to direct viewing. As they do not use any laser beams, they are not associated with any safety specifications.

• CCD scanners are inexpensive when compared to laser barcode scanners.

• They have a higher scanning rate than that of laser scanners.

Advantages of laser scanners over CCD scanners

Laser barcode scanners have certain benefits over CCD scanners. Some of them include:

• Laser scanners can read barcodes at a wider range of distances. So, unlike CCD scanners, they can be kept at a distance from the barcode. Hence, they are mostly preferred for long range scanning.

• The other benefit of laser scanners is that they can read barcodes of longer lengths. CCD scanners can only read barcodes of three or four inches in length or smaller.

• Laser scanners are very easy to handle. Even an untrained operator can use it without any issues.

Both laser and CCD scanners are efficient and reduce errors associated with manual checking. They also save your time and effort. Consider the above mentioned benefits of laser and CCD barcode scanners and choose any of them based on the type of barcode and the environment in which you intend to use. You also need to consider the portability factor and average scanning range needed for your business. Selecting a right barcode scanner helps you to maximize business productivity.