Last Longer During Sex – How to Sustain Killer Erections and Make Long Passionate Love

As a newsletter publisher, one of the most frequently asked question I received from readers are: “How do I last longer in sex?” They are embarrassed, ashamed and guilty because they often lose control when they make love to their partners. In reality, it is a common problem affecting more than 30% of men worldwide (Source: Journal of American Medical Association). If you are in the same shoe, today is going to be a lucky day. In this article, we are going to reveal two effective techniques to help you sustain stiffness and hardness of erection so that you are able to last a lot longer than you usually do.

#1. Penile pump: the device consists of cylinder tube and a manual (or motorized pump) pump. When the pump is fitted over the penis, it created vacuum environment around penile shaft. As a result, there will be increase in inflow blood to penile tissue, thus resulting in stronger and firmer erection. According to studies by scientist Graham Rutherford and Anne Henke, pumping may also help to strengthen penile muscles (Source: Wikipedia).

To make the most out of penile pump, it’s important to choose high quality product, preferably medically approved. If you use pump made of sub standard materials, it may cause following side effects: bruising, burst blood vessels, blisters and loss of sensation. In addition, you must follow the instructions very carefully to avoid potential injury.

#2. Ballooning technique: prior to sex, you can try ballooning technique to help you sustain hard rock erection for long period of time. Here’s how it works: have your partner to stimulate you by massaging your penile base and perineum. When she arouses you, pay close attention to your sensations and excitements without touching her. When you are very close to climax, have her to use fingers to apply pressure on your perineum. At the same time, you use your fingers to squeeze penile tip and Kegel muscle to refrain from climax. Next, gently stretch your penile shaft from base to head for 15-20 times. It helps to promote blood flow into penile tissues for harder erection.